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Welcome to Maverick Game Farm; the site to find top quality game fowls based in the valley of Normandy, Texas. We are located right across the border from Mexico. We breed and sell fowls to all of the United States, Mexico, Central & South America, The Philippines, Hawaii and many other places and we are already booking orders for this season of 2011. Our birds are fed with top quality food, supplemented vitamins and probiotics, and are grown isolated from the public to enhance their instincts and capabilities. We are currently showing our bloodlines in the Northern Mexican area.

Brown Red Stag

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MaverickGameFarm.com is the place to go when buying pure hatch cocks. The best of the best. No doubt about it. - David Brantley

No fowl to be sold for any illegal purposes or in violation of the Animal Welfare Act of 1976.

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20K Pure Kelso Stag

Kelso Stag

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Kelso Cock

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